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Forvesa™️ ReGlow

Forvesa™️ ReGlow

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Introducing the Forvesa™️ ReGlow – Redefine Your Elegance, Illuminate Your Beauty!

Key Features:

1. Youthful Radiance: Wave goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles! Our device works magic to give you that radiant and revitalized look. Who doesn't want to turn back time a bit? 😉

2. Chin Reduction Magic: Ditch the double chin without any fuss. Our tech is here to sculpt and tone your jawline, revealing a more youthful you without any invasive procedures. Say hello to a sleeker profile! ✨

3. Relax and Rejuvenate: It's not just a beauty device; it's your new self-care bestie. Comfortable, soothing, and perfect for unwinding while you get that natural glow back. Pampering yourself just got an upgrade! 🛀

4. Customizable Intensity: Your beauty, your rules. With adjustable settings, focus on what you need, whether it's a spot treatment or a full-face glow-up. It's all about what works for you. 🌈

5. Sleek and Portable Design: Beauty on the go! Its elegant design fits right into your life (and your bag), ensuring you're never without your secret weapon against aging, no matter where you are. 🌍


✅ Diminishes Wrinkles

✅ Defines Jawline

✅ Boosts Collagen

✅ Spa-Quality Results

✅ Radiant, Elastic Skin

Unveil the secret to timeless beauty with our Forvesa™️ ReGlow. This cutting-edge beauty device is your passport to a rejuvenated face and sculpted profile, ensuring you radiate confidence at every angle.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dana Alami

Forvesa™️ Anti-Aging Device

surpsinigly effective results

i wasnt sure if this would actually work but since its been going around social media i decided to give it a try and it actually tightened up my facial structure and really really helped with under-eye bags. Highly recommend

Thank you for your review! We're glad the product was up to your expectations :)

Good product

alot of brands advertising bad quality products but this one did the job just fine and with savings too, thanks Forvesa :)

Thank you for your review! We're glad the product was up to your expectations :)

Amazing performance

it performances as advertised, I won it on the giveaway but I plan on buying another for my mother as it really makes the skin sit nicely even if there isnt a need to do it the difference is noticeable. I did not really need it as my skin is fine but it still gave the shape of my face a noticeable difference and the Moisture mode makes my skin feel really nice when I use it after applying skincare. :) thank you Forvesa

Thank you for your review! We're glad the product was up to your expectations :)

vural demir
Eid offer was worth it

Really good for the price even for 147 AED as the results it gives are worth way more. Highly recommend - was delivered in 2 days and after sales service is also remarkable

We appreciate your review Vural!

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